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The past week has been a whirlwind of activity for us, I’ll try to give you a glimpse. Cheryl and I drove up from Tijuana, late Wednesday, the 7th, and then got up early and headed to the City of Hope, Thursday the 8th for my PET-CT Scan. On Friday the 9th, we met with my primary physician (oncologist-hematologist), Dr. Robert Chen to discuss the scan results….the BIG appointment. The PET-CT scan is the major diagnostic tool that reveals the condition of the cancer in my body (where tumor is, how big, cell activity). We were extremely relieved when Dr. Chen delivered the news we’ve all been praying for: the tumor is shrinking, the cancer cells appear “dead” or in remission, and the Bone Marrow Transplant is back on. The news is nothing short of miraculous. Praise the Lord!

We feel incredibly blessed and thankful. Remember, after 5 levels of chemotherapy, several in the past 7 months, it stopped working for me (medical term, “refractory”). Unfortunately, the initial 13 radiation treatments had yielded only moderate improvement. In fact on March 12th, Dr. Chen advised us that the radiation’s effectiveness must dramatically improve, or I only had 2 months to live! In his report, he wrote, “At this time, I discussed, with the patient the reality of the situation that he has most likely, radiation refractory lymphoma as well”. Yuck!

When we left Dr. Chen’s office, Cheryl and I were extremely motivated to find another way to combat this cancer! I need to somehow get on the offensive, to do something that would improve a rather dire situation. At perhaps my lowest point, I was referred to the Oasis of Hope in Tijuana via Reagan Dean, a friend of my sister Suzanne in Castle Rock, Co. Reagan is a dietary consultant/director with Juice Plus, and has friends/clients with cancer who have received therapy in Mexico. Thank you Reagan!

During my radiation therapy at City of Hope, I had the best support you could ask for! Besides “my rock ” Cheryl, I was blessed to have Kelly Blett and my brother, John (in town to help), taking turns chauffeuring me to and from my radiation appointments. City of Hope is a 43-miles from home, and typically a 60-minute drive. For those of you who know Kelly and John, you could not create two more positive, “can do” people! I completed radiation therapy, March 19th. A few days later, Cheryl and I went to Tijuana (2-hour drive, 30 minutes across border) to check out two of the referred cancer centers.

Oasis of Hope – Tijuana, Mexico
The Oasis of Hope (OOH) was very impressive as a full service cancer center/hospital. We made the decision to enroll in a “first phase” 12 day in-patient treatment program, with a 30-day at-home follow up regimen. From April 1st-7th, I received “alternative” therapies that focused heavily on increase oxidation of the tumor (located in lower abdomen), including infusions of Vitamin C and Perftec (mimics human blood’s oxygen transport ability), and Kemdalin (Laetrile or synthetic Vitamin B17). These are just a few of the complimentary therapies and techniques OOH employs to boost the oxygen and hydrogen peroxide content of tumors, these two elements work together to kill cancer cells!

For some reason, the American Medical Association and Food and Drug Administration, frown on these effective therapies. United Health Care and other insurance carriers do not cover them. Fortunately, I’m blessed with amazing family and friends who have joined together to enable me to pursue and benefit from “The Mexico Option”. The Treatments at OOH are expensive; but there is no price I wouldn’t pay to be with Jacquelyne and Eva as they grow into outstanding young ladies, and experience LIFE with them and Cheryl.

My support network (you!) has enabled me to keep the faith and belief in my cancer treatments, therapeutic choices, and potential for remission, recovery, and being cured. The events and news of the past week are tremendously encouraging!

The treatments at Oasis of Hope, have assisted with the dramatic improvement in my overall condition. Cheryl and I are are monumentally relieved, and blessed! It’s scary, sobering and extremely sad to be told you have most likely 2 months to live. Fortunately, I’m now on schedule to receive my, Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) in 4-6 weeks. The improvement can be attributed to faith, belief, prayer, a doubling of the radiation dosage for the final 4 treatments, plus therapies received at OOH. It was a good strategy to leverage the OOH complementary protocol with the lasting effects of radiation to achieve our results. Even now, the radiation is still some what percolating in and around the tumor.

Jacquelyne and Eva have been amazing kids! They know their Daddy has cancer, but it’s pretty much life as usual for both (thankfully). Our 11-year old, Jacquelyne, is a 6th grader at Irvine’s Pioneer Middle School. Volleyball tryouts are this week. Jacquelyne’s been playing for the Orange County Volleyball Club since October, so she should be well prepared. Our 8-year old, Eva, is a 3rd grader at Hicks Canyon, and a member of the Irvine Premier Soccer Club. She likes playing goalie. A cute, thoughtful comment from Eva when I came home from the City of Hope, Friday evening. I told her we had some good news. The first thing out of her mouth was, “Your tumor shrunk”! She was momentarily ecstatic and relieved, hugged and kissed me….and then ran upstairs to continue playing with her friend, Kiana! Priceless!

Now, I’m back in Tijuana, completing the initial 12-day phase. I feel good and strong. Once I leave here, April 14th, I will be on a 30-day home treatment regimen, featuring nutraceutical supplements (each pill has a much higher dosage level than “nutritional” supplements) and a vegan-oriented diet. Fortunately, I will be allowed to eat skinless chicken and fish. It’s actually more of a “Mediterranean Diet”. There are 20-25 cancer patients from around the USA and World being treated here. Most of us have (click on Read Full Post – below right) been told at one time or another, “there is nothing else we can do”.

I’ll keep you posted regarding my progress – that’s the key word, progress! For 5 months, we were trying like crazy but not making any progress in reducing the tumor and qualifying for the BMT. Now, we have accomplished shrinkage and remission – HUGE! We have a donor match for the BMT, that’s major, since 20% of people needing a BMT never get matched with a donor. Medicine, hope, prayer, are a powerful combination. As my good friend, Pastor Bob Mooney is fond of saying, “God is GOOD”

Bone Marrow Transplant – City of Hope
The BMT is a rigorous procedure that offers us the hope of being cure. Over the next 4 weeks, my Donor (anonymous) and I will undergo a number of tests. I’ll continue to assess the best treatment options available that will yield me and my family the best quality of life outcome. Right now, the BMT looks to be our best option, and we’re full speed ahead in that direction.

Thanks to my brother, John, and friends at ThomasNet for producing this terrific website. I’m really speechless in my appreciation. It’s a wonderful medium for us. I look forward to hearing from you, reading your Guestbook messages, learning about your favorite rock albums, and continuing to share my journey with you!

My plan is to post a new journal entry weekly. Please visit this site often, and leave a message in the Guestbook. We read and answer them daily. Your participation and engagement has an energizing, inspirational effect on my treatment, healing and, ultimately, the eradication of cancer from my body!

“With God all things are possible”. (Matthew 19:26)

After the March 12th prognosis, I experienced a “big knot in my stomach” feeling for 4 weeks. Now, I feel out of imminent danger and have greater confidence in the future. I pray to God for renewed life, free of cancer. Please keep praying for the miracle, we can see it from here! Thanks for your love, prayers and support.

God bless, George

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